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Zombie Survival Experiences

The UK's most brutal and immersive experience there is. Zombie survival experience by EOD Productions is a totally unique zombie survival experience. EOD Productions offers an experience day and scare attraction unlike anything else you have seen in the UK. Based on the end of humanity from a deadly virus outbreak this zombie survival experience day will totally immerse you and your friends in one last fight for survival and one last stand for humanity! Unlike any other zombie experience in the UK, EOD Productions have created characters that you can follow and meet along the way throughout the different events to link each event to the next. This means the storyline really is totally immersive and offers a zombie survival experience you can really get your teeth stuck in too.


Film and Productions 

At EOD Productions we are a diverse group of professionals providing all aspects of TV and film work. Our team offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help bring your project to life. From actors and supporting cast, to behind the scenes crew we have the talent and experience your project deserves. We known for working on both feature and Indi films for cinema releases, projects for the BBC, Sky and Netflix to name just a few. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and we always strive to ensure that your final product or production is nothing short of perfection.

Zombie extreme

Extreme Zombie Survival Experiences 

The most extreme version of our award winning zombie survival experience. This is a private and bespoke event and unlike others out there this experience is tailored to you group. This is where YOU become the stars in your very own fight for survival.  Ideal for Stag and hen parties, corporate events and more. We take details about the people involved and actually write them into the storyline! Fear and laughter are certain during this 2 hour onslaught.  Contact the team for more details

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